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Maintenance & Warranty


Maintenance & Warranty

My knives are aesthetically beautiful, but they are first and foremost a tool. Be confident in using them as such. I will warranty any manufacturing defects for the life of the knife for the original owner, and provide customary sharpening when you need it. 

Oil the blade regularly:

I typically use O1 Tool Steel. This is a high carbon steel, and is not stainless. The steel will stain and build a patina over time and with use. Most people find that the added patina builds character and tells a story about the knife.

My knives are shipped with a 3-In-One tool oil coating. This oil is not food safe and should be cleaned off if you will be using the knife to prepare food. I suggest mineral oil if you would like to use your knife with food.

A knife is safer when its sharp:

It’s always best to maintain a sharp edge. In most instances, you can maintain the edge of the knife by using a leather strop coated with an aluminum oxide compound. If the edge is chipped, rolled, or very dull, a more aggressive method will need to be used to remove the deformations. 

Acid etched blades:

Acid etching is a beautiful finish for the knife. It also happens to provide protection against corrosion and staining. However, this finish will wear unevenly as you use the knife. Over usage, the dark finish will dull to an even grey. Much like a patina on a satin blade.

Continue to use your oil with acid etched blades.

Please note, if you are using a kydex sheath, the likely hood of blade scratches increases. I can re-etch your knife if needed.

Leather sheath:

A coating of leather conditioner and wax is all that is required.

Never store your knife in the leather sheath for extended periods of time. The leather can wick in moisture, which will find its way to the knife itself. This will cause rust and pitting.

Kydex sheath:

As you use your knife, the kydex can start to collect grit and dirt that can scratch the blade finish. Always clean your blade before inserting back in to the sheath. This will help keep the dirt out. If you find that the sheath is gritty, you can use compressed air to try and remove the grit.

Please note when ordering, your blade will eventually get scratch from the kydex.