BM Knife & Tool
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About: Brendon Milleker

I am a part time knife maker out of Saskatchewan, Canada. 

BM Knife & Tool has been in the making since I started collecting knives over 10 years ago, and fully coming to light in May of 2017. It’s the culmination of my attention to detail, technical inclination, and the exposure to some of the highest quality custom knives in the industry. With this knowledge and experience, I am meticulously handcrafting each knife to the utmost quality. 

I do not make compromises with my work. Nothing leaves my shop until I want to keep the knife for myself. The fit and finish and attention to the smallest of details are what separates my work from others. 

These aren't production knives that you will find at Cabela's or Bass Pro Shop. These are hand crafted, with no two knives ever being exactly the same. Although I have standard models, your knife was made for you in mind. 


Proudly made in Canada.